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Testrun Reports


Hi, We don’t find the way to make reports showing testRun evolution.

When we are running a full integration run (at final of a Sprint), the first run results in let’s say for example 25% tests Failed, 75% tests PASSED.

Then the corresponding fixes are made from the developpers, and we run again the failed tests, and so on until the are all PASSED or we are running out of time to fix them.

Let’s say we go through the states of 25% fail, then 15% fail, then finally in the end of sprint, we close the release with 8% failed to be fixed in next sprint.

How can I run a report of each state.
When I generate a report, I only get the final state (8%). All the status (failed->passed->failed) for each testcase is recorded in the database, in testrun results we can see those status, so I suppose that it exists a way of pulling out those results in a report, like we always could do in testlink.

How can I achieve that?

Should I go for customized queries directly in the database, or a personal customization of Testrail?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Fred,

Thanks for your posting! Most reports only include the latest/current status (8% in this case). One option is to start multiple test runs (instead of adding multiple results per test) and you can then easily compare the different runs/“stages” over time with the Comparison for Cases report: