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Testrun Dashboard


Hi There,

we need for a project a dashboard which shows only the state of a specific test run.
Like the descriped dashboard ( ) for a projects.

Is there anyway to have such a dashboard to include this into e.g. confluence?


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your posting. It would theoretically be possible to embed any TestRail page (not just the ext/common/dashboard and ext/common/projects pages). It’s just that the ext pages are prepared/designed to being embedded and omit the standard header/navigation and sidebar. Regular pages can also be embedded but would then include those page elements. For example, to include a test run with the ID 1 (or R1 as shown in the UI), you can use runs/view/1 instead of ext/common/dashboard.



Hi Tobias,

thanks for the quick responce.
Unfortunately this is not working for us.

Will there be a dashboard available in future like for the project and general dashboard?
Actualy I use UI script to remove everything what we do not need at the activity view.




Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply! We are happy to look into support for additional objects such as milestones, test runs/plans. The “problem” with these pages is that they are highly dynamic and also depend on the sidebar for the full functionality. But we will think about ways to make it easier to embed the milestone/run/plan pages as well and I also think that would be great to have.