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Testraillistener problem


I’m trying to send results to Testrail from Robotframework, I keep getting this error. Why do I see this problem?

Importing listener ‘TestRailL’ failed: Module ‘TestRailListener’ does not contain ‘py’.

Hi Ivry,

Did you make sure to call on the TestRailListener properly with the included parameters as explained in step 4 of the following?

  1. Run Robot Framework with listener:\n
    | set ROBOT_SYSLOG_FILE=syslog.txt
    | pybot.bat --listener autotest.txt

Yes, the parameters are correct. I removed py after Testraillistener then it stopped giving the original error instead it gives this error. Calling method ‘end_test’ of listener ‘TestRailListener’ failed: InvalidSchema: No connection adapters were found for ‘password09:///testrail/index.php?

Hey guys, need some help i was looking to integrate testrail with Robot framework to update Test cases . Any help would be appreaciated