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TestRail with Version One?



We’re considering incorporating this for our Project Managing tool… does (or will) TestRail work with this in any way?

This is the product:

It would be great if when the user fails a test case in TestRail the User could open up an issue in Version one. (this is my first time hearing about it… I kinda liked the way TestRail worked with Fogbugz!)




Thanks for the feedback. We don’t currently have a defect plugin for Version One that would let you push bug reports/issues to this system. However, if this tool supports some kind of (web service) API, then building your own defect plugin would be possible. We have documentation on how to write your own integration script on the following website and we also include the source code of all defect plugins with TestRail (in the apps/plugins/defects/ directory) so you could use them as starting points:

We are also always happy to help with this and to answer any questions.



Hm interesting… I will check with the PM to see if this would be possible.

Thanks for the response Dennis!