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TestRail Vs. ALM


This is an interesting question because I understand JIRA & TestRail are mostly used in an Agile context however does anyone use these tools instead of using ALM (waterfall)? What’s the advantage of migrating away from ALM to TestRail if I have a waterfall test factory?


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail + JIRA can be used with various methodologies and a more traditional approach would also be fully possible. JIRA and especially TestRail don’t force you to use a specific way or approach of working with your tests or issues and you can use the approach that works best for you. Many of our customers prefer a solution like TestRail + JIRA over ALM tools because they a) have existing tools they would like to integrate with (such as JIRA) and b) get a fully-featured and dedicated tool for each area (testing, issue tracking, etc.) instead of a do-it-all solution that might lack features or is not easy to use.

TestRail has a deep integration with JIRA and offers a full two-way integration. This means you can view test cases, results and reports from TestRail directly in JIRA (with the new add-ons) but also view and add JIRA issues in TestRail:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!