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TestRail to Jira OnDemand - Push Defect working?


Has anyone gotten the “Push Defect” integration to work?

If so, could you please post the correct URL necessary? I keep getting 404s and I can’t find any documentation on Jira’s REST API URL for OnDemand.



The answer is…


If you forget the trailing “/”, it won’t work. At least it didn’t for me.


Add browse/%id% to the end of the path like shown above and add CreateIssue!default.jspa to the add issue URL.



Hello all,

Just to summarize this again. The Defect Plugin configuration simply expects the JIRA installation address (with http:// or https://), without any additional parts like the login path, for example. For example, for JIRA OnDemand/Cloud, you can simply configure this as follows (depending on your address):

The trailing slash shouldn’t make a difference, but we will make sure to review this, thanks!