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TestRail to JIRA defect push: M:Issue Belongs To Required


We have TestRail Cloud v5.3.0 and JIRA v7.1.4 (on prem) and have the TestRail plugin enabled.

We could previously push a defect to JIRA but it ended up on the wrong board. For each project in JIRA, we have a BAU and a Project board.

The JIRA Admin changed it so that when a new Bug is created in JIRA, it no longer defaults to the BAU board. There is now no default.

When I try to push a defect from TestRail now though, I get this error:

Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: customfield_11000: M:Issue Belongs To is required.

Ideally, I would like to set it so that when I push a defect from TestRail, it would default to pushing it to the Project board for whichever JIRA Project I have selected.

What is the best way to go about doing this?




Oh, think I may have sorted it.

Created a custom field called jira_board.
Assigned it to Case Fields/Result Fields.

I added the following to the Integration settings:



Now when I push a defect, I can choose which board to push it to:

Two questions though:

  • Did I actually need to create that custom field and assign it to the Result Fields template?

  • Is there a way to make this default to Project?



Hi Jarod,

Thanks for your posting. The JIRA custom field would be independent of the custom fields in TestRail on Administration > Customizations and the integration doesn’t need this field.

Regarding the default: once you pushed a new issue, TestRail will automatically remember and restore previously used values so the dialog should come up with Project now by default. If you see a different behavior, you can also add the ‘remember’ option to the custom field:


I hope this helps!



Ah, that is fantastic, and makes sense. Thank you Tobias, that clears it up nicely for me.


You are welcome, Jarod, great to hear this helps :slight_smile: