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Testrail to Excel; how to export test cases with multiple steps to excel and keep steps seperate


Good morning. I have a project where we need to export test cases for our application to a client who doesn’t have Testrail. We want to export our test cases out of Testrail into Excel for their use. The issue I have is the test cases have multiple steps, in Testrail, in their own cells. When exported to excel all steps are merged into one cell.

the issue is the step and the expected result is no longer even and longer stepped test cases become hard to read and follow in excel.

How do we export to excel and keep the steps separate into their own cells so the step and the expected results will line up cleanly?

It doesn’t make sense that Testrail will create in multi stepped test cases but not export the same way, so I must be missing something. is there a setting in admin I’m missing?

Thanks for the help



Hi Ben,

Thanks for your post! The Excel export tool currently wouldn’t support exporting the separate steps field into multiple separate rows/cells, however we do have plans to look into this for a future version of TestRail. That said, if you include the ‘Steps (Step)’ and ‘Steps (Expected Results)’ fields in the export, these would be prefixed with their step number in the cell to make it easy to follow. They may not align well visually side-by-side, but you can still use the number reference for this. In the regular ‘Steps’ field, the Expected Results would be located directly beneath the step, so this can also make it easy to follow if this works better for you.

Another alternative, if this team doesn’t require the ability to edit the Excel file (e.g. if they’re just looking at these for reference), you can look into the print report feature as this would show the steps and expected results aligned side-by-side. You can just click on the printer icon in the toolbar above, select the Details option in the dropdown menu, and then use your browser’s print to PDF feature to save this as a report.

Hope this helps!