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TestRail Templates


I thought to further extend using of TestRail templates for rather a different purpose.

I have created a Risks & Issue template to be able to manage risks, issue registry within projects (also because I am not a big fan of using excel as I like to see the history of the mitigation actions and impact). This enables QA/testers to log risks & issues on the go within the test management tool, against the project and made some sense to log it in there. Though the test management tool is only for the purpose to manage and control tests, providing a hassle free opportunity for the users to enter risks issues using my custom template, in the same location has increased visibility and helped to take quick actions.

Idea was for the testers to raise their risks related to QA/testing and as the PM is having access to the tool, she gets the full visibility of risks which are impacting the overall project. Only problem is that the risks status is shown under the ‘Test Runs & Results’ tab. Which is actually correct from the point & purpose of the tool. I thought Ill share this thought and to see what you think. I would be happy to see another tab for QA risks and issues, and work item types risk and issues (apart from test cases), to gather such as soon as possible using a very user friendly tool like TestRail.

I thought ill share my thoughts!


Hi Niranjalee,

That’s definitely interesting and thanks for sharing this. Maybe an alternative to managing the risks with a test status would be add a custom field on the test case level instead? I believe this would make sense and wouldn’t “pollute” the regular run etc. stats with the risk related statuses. Have you thought about managing this exclusively on the test case level instead?



Thanks Tobias, we wouldn’t be able to indicate all risks areas against test. Reason being risk could arise at data level, resource level, application availability etc. Having a status is a good idea to raise risks against test. Added to my list.


Thanks, Niranjalee, I understand. Please let me know in case any further questions come up and we are happy to look into this topic for a future version as well.



Thanks Tobias. TestRail is a great tool, and a risk registry of such rich usability within the same would be a wonderful addition I think.


We will think about that and how to approach this, thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile: