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Testrail temp files occupy mac SSD capacity


Hi, All

This Two Days a big problem have bothered me,

I customized report on my own mac,

and OSX remind me that mac’s SSD capacity is running out,

then I used DaisyDisk to find what occupy this capacity,

Finally, I found testrail-temp-(testrail-tmp-667abf0d-ecbc-483b-960f-7079e9d8fbe7-hXNnx2-[13.5GB], testrail-tmp-8e9ce6c4-1de3-4471-bedd-ea32e9b04dc3-k9QFQn-[81.76GB], testrail-tmp-0e630b9f-027a-497d-a5e2-80b851307511-jhUm7V-[41.66GB])…

they locate ‘Macintosh HD/private/tmp/’

there are some tmp files(total 100GB up) occupy my mac,

how do I solve this problem,

thanks a lot,




Hi Kenji,

Thanks for your posting. These temporary files are caused by (failed) attempts to generate reports. It looks like you configured TestRail to generate (really really) huge reports with GB of HTML content. Very huge reports tend to hit PHP’s memory limit at some point and you will then have some unfinished reports in your temp directory. If you can locate in the UI the reports or scheduled reports that TestRail cannot generate, you can simply delete those reports or change their scope. You can also remove the temporary files. Looking at the file sizes, it seems the report scopes include thousands of runs with potentially hundreds of thousands of tests & results and we would recommend limiting the scope to something a bit more manageable.

I hope this helps!