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TestRail System Summary Screen


Is there a hidden page somewhere that gives a summary of Test Rail system, so we are aware of issues before the IT teams starts chasing us.

  • Database size
  • Total number of test cases
  • Maximum allowed tests cases/runs/milestones per project, how close is project to the limit
  • Last time user logged on

I have one project that has created 11,000 good tests in 9 weeks, will Testrail hit a limit soon?



Hi Rich,

Thanks for your post! TestRail wouldn’t impose any specific limits as this is usually just dependent on your system and the available resources you have configured. You may want to have your IT team look into some of the optimization tips that we’ve outline on our website:

Usually this is only needed for larger installations with 100+ users, but depending on your use case it might also be helpful to get ahead on some of these optimizations recommendations. Hope this helps!