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TestRail Support Channel Changed for TestRail Server edition?


Does anyone know if support channel changed for testrail server edition?

In the past, we usually got the response within 24 hours via But recently, we cannot get any response in time when we raised the questions in the past couple weeks.

I’m not sure if we missed the important information about this part.


I have had contact with them in the last couple weeks and the email it comes from has always been

Responses have been slower in the last number of months.


Yep. Although we have fixed the issues that we encountered within couple weeks by ourselves, I’m worrying if we can get the response in time if we encountered the issues in our production environment that hosted TestRail Server edition in future.

So, I did want to know what’s happen about support channel. And we also would like to pay more money if they can provide 7*24h support service.


Production issues should go via email period and I am sure the emails are prioritized in some way so based on production disruption.



Thank you for posting. We have followed up with the original message you sent in. While we don’t currently offer 24 hour support, our goal is to respond within one business day. We haven’t made any changes to our support channels recently and the best way to submit a question would be to contact us directly at or to use the support request form which you can find on our website here:

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions!