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TestRail sub-forum for discussing test strategy, methods, etc


In the above thread, Tobias outlines a more “standard” approach toward use of TestRail.

I think that actually falls in line with general “best practices” for case structure, etc. and it got me thinking…

would it be useful to maintain a sub-form of TestRail that was dedicated to users discussing best practices, testing patterns, knowledge sharing, testing methodologies, etc?

I think it would and might even add additional draw of new/existing customers (or even prospective customers). Certainly would encourage discussion of “how to test”. I know other forums exist for that (sqaforums, etc.) but this could really be a great outlet specifically for TestRail users.

Sort of… promotional, in a way! :slight_smile:



Thanks for your posting. It is planned to look into bringing more structure to the forum area (e.g. by adding a separate forum for customizations and code samples). We will also look into your suggestion but adding more forums also has the disadvantage that users may be unsure about which forum to use so we are a bit skeptical about adding too many forums. Maybe some kind of tagging would be a good idea?