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Testrail shows blanK screen, no apparent DB?


Apache2 and Testrail latest running on OSX.6.7, PHP 5.3.6

Testrail just stopped responding. There are no reports in the Apache error logs and the Testrail log shows only this:

<?php if (!defined('SYSPATH')) exit('Access denied.') ?>

[ERROR] 2011-07-05 11:28:07 [588ms]: [DatabaseException] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
at ex::raise (ex.php:23)
at ex::raise (mysql.php:105)
at Database_mysql_driver->_throw_last_error (mysql.php:31)
at Database_mysql_driver->connect (database.php:113)
at Database_library->connect (base.php:117)
at BaseController->_connect_to_database (task.php:18)
at TaskController->_init (tasks.php:33)
at Tasks_controller->_init (gizmo.php:107)
at require_once (index.php:84)
at require_once (task.php:14)

The db is responding fine, from the testrail host, attaching to it using mysql client with no problems. I even changed the testrail config file to use just the IP address in case, but the same thing happens.

A server restart does nothing.

Any ideas?


Michael Check


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your posting. I will contact you in a moment via email as it’s usually faster to handle configuration issues ‘offline’.



Any chance in sharing whether or not this was resolved and how it was?


Hi Chalise

It turned out that the mysql db had become corrupted for an unknown reason. Further, the mysql db was NOT running InnoDB mode which may have contributed to the problem.

I had db backups being run with AutoMySQLBackup so we restored to the previous day with no trouble. Looking at the restored data further, I noticed that the mysql error log was showing InnoDB could not start up. It turned out this was because there was a duplicate process running mysql (I have no idea how that happened) that was solved simply by restarting the machine.

Once mysql was started as a single process, InnoDB started fine and allowed me to covert all the testrail tables to InnoDB (they may never have been created that way from the start if InnoDB was not running.)

It seems to be running well since all of this, though we certainly do not tax the server or the application with only 2 developers and 2 testers.

Any other way I can help, please let me know.

Michael Check


Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your tips, that’s very useful.

Chalise, if you are experiencing this or similar issues with a TestRail, you can also contact us directly and we are happy to take a look at the issue: contact (at)