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TestRail Server Re-import of Attachments and Images



I have to migrate a Testrail Project from one Server to another…
Easy, Export and Import…
How can we keep a reference to the Screen shots and attachments for the import ?

IF I Export the XML, Modify with NEW location for doc and images
IF I then Copy the Attachment and Images folders into the other existing folders (assuming I don’t overwrite any)
Will the copied test cases reference the new files ??
or will I need to mod somewhere the TestRail database?



Hi Ian,

The method you described for moving the attachments should work, provided the relative references for the attachments are consistent and the XML file info has the correct paths to the attachment files.

When migrating from one server to another you can also do a full database restore, and copy the attachments, images, and reports to the new server directories specified in your TestRail settings. If you’d like to go that route, you can check out the guide we have on restoring a TestRail database backup here:

We would generally recommend using this method if you’d like to create an exact copy of your TestRail instance in the new server location. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support at and we’ll be happy to help.



What we need to do is move a whole project into an existing Testrail environment.
So I’m assuming the attachment names will have previously been taken… and therefore need to rename the attachments and the matching testcases…

I’ve tested just adding new 5000.webImage.png into the attachments folder,
but using the a testcase will NOT display the image.
So I’m assuming some index (or something) needs to be done on the database.
? How can I do this ?