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TestRail section no longer displaying on JIRA tickets

The testrail section on JIRA tickets are no longer being displayed after an TestRail upgrade which happened last weekend. We did an upgrade tp our Jira TestRail addon, but that has not helped.

Here is our config information:
Testrail version -
JIRA Server - 7.1
JIRA TestRail Addon -

Also here is what we are seeing on the JIRA log:
"http-nio-8080-exec-255 ERROR sysadmin 1017x8878762x1 t4d7jx, /plugins/servlet/upm [c.a.plugin.web.DefaultWebInterfaceManager] Could not evaluate condition ‘com.atlassian.plugin.web.conditions.AndCompositeCondition@23e03dec’ for descriptor: com.testrail.jira.testrail-plugin:menu (null)

Here is our integration screen

Any ideas or thoughts.