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TestRail Results in Jira transition Screen


I am new to Test Rail. I have integrated TestRail with JIRA. I created a test case and added it in JIRA. Now my requirement is only if all the test cases pass, I should be able to do the transition to another status. How can I check this. Or can we include test rail results in JIRA Workflow screen.
Kindly guide me as I am totally stuck here.
Your support / Feedback is highly appreciated.



Hello Barb,

Thanks for your post! Currently it wouldn’t be possible to automatically transition a JIRA issue status when a test case has passed, and this typically wouldn’t be recommended in most cases as there may be multiple test cases per JIRA issue (or vice versa), or other details that are required prior to passing any issue. That said, you can install the TestRail for JIRA add-on in JIRA if you haven’t added this yet, and this would allow you to view the results from linked test cases in TestRail directly on the JIRA issue. This would allow you to check all relevant details of the linked test cases to make any transitions as needed from there. You can learn more about the add-on and how this works on our website as well:

Hope this helps!