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TestRail reports based on type


I want to run a report for all tests in a milestone of a certain type? We use type to distinguish between automation test case and manual. I want a report for all tests with the type “automation”



I believe you can do the Summary --> Milestone report and on the first tab you choose the Milestone and then on the last tab (Tests) you can filter by Type of test.


That kinda worked. It was slooooow to run and it did filter the returned test cases on type = automated but all the summaries and counts were for the total set. so I expected to see maybe 250 tests with type = automated and it shows total tests = 827.

It does then filter the test links the report returns but I would need to count to get what I need


Their reports are not as dynamic as I would like to see. This is the type of report I would write in SQL to pull the data directly from the DB (maybe the API can be used??)

There are other reports that use Milestones.and can be filtered by Type (like Property Distribution report) - just be a matter of getting the data you want returned.


Hi all,

You can use the Results > Property Distribution report in this case. Simply configure the automation filter on the Tests tab and keep the default grouping option (Status on the Grouping tab). You also need to select the test run scope on the Test Suites & Runs tab (e.g. all test runs of your milestone). TestRail will then generate a status report for your milestones and cases of type automation:

I hope this helps!



Results > Property Distribution report doesn’t contain Forecast tab. I want get report by “Tested by” and see how much time each team member spent for testing 1 Milestone



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback. The Forecast and Progress information are only included on a high-level basis, not for every tester (e.g. with the Summary reports from the Reports tab). You can, however, add the Elapsed All column to the tables to see the elapsed times per test (also with the Property Distribution report). You can also use the Todo page or Workload Summary report to see the current workload and todos and it’s planned to add similar reports for past activity.