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TestRail report seems to be stuck


Hi ,
Any experience with Stuck report:
How to identify root cause ?
How to deal with it , system restart ? SQL ?
Executed "Comparison for References " report , private and public and both seems to be stuck.
As is seems there is no impact on the performance at the moment .
The attached are for Project Report page and DB record from testrail.reports

Best Ragrdrs


Hi Itsik,

Thank you for your post. Is quite possible that the PHP memory limit is being reached and this is causing the background task to have issues completing the report. If you have access to the TestRail server, I would recommend editing the PHP memory limit currently set. This should help with running this report.


Hi Marty ,
Will look into it and update .

Also ,Any idea how to stop this current reports execution ?
Thank you



Hi Itsik,

Thanks for your reply! If you have the delete reports permission enabled for your role in the project, you would be able to just click the delete icon to the far right of the report. This will remove the report and won’t attempt to generate it anymore. Hope this helps!



We increased Our memory_limit from 128M to 512M ,After apache restart , issue still exists .
We came to realize that the issue might be with the application service:
When switching the system into debug mode ,
We can produce the report after pressing “Add and View Report” button.
So the problem might be with application service starting the report job.(or something like this :slight_smile:)
This issue is reproducible on a big TestRail project .around 470 test cases in that report,out of more than 1000 in the project.



Hi Itsik,

Thank you for the follow up. In this case, I would recommend that you open a support ticket so we can better assist you with this. You can send a request by emailing us at Once the ticket is opened, it will be assigned to me.