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TestRail - Report - Property Distribution - Multiselect for group by


Hi all

I’m new to TestRail, started using it only few months ago (and more frequently these days).
I’m trying to create a Case Property distribution report but would like to have option to select two properties for the report.
For example, we have these two Case properties in use
Priority: with values P1, P2, P3
Automate: with values Yes, No, TBA

So the report I would like to have is to see a “Automated” distribution across every “Priority”.

Is this feature maybe already in your plans? Can we expect this in some of the future releases?

The workaround for this, but a not an elegant one, is to create separate reports for each “Priority” value (filter cases in the report bu specific Priority)

Thanks a lot,


Hello Nemanja,

Thanks for your posting. We haven’t had this on our feature request list so far, but I understand that this would be useful to have. We will make sure to look into this for a future version. You can already implement something similar by creating separate reports per priority as you already mentioned (using a Priority filter on the Test Cases tab on the report form when creating the report).



Hi Tobias,

thanks for a quick reply. and looking forward to that new feature in some of the upcoming releases

In the meantime, 3 separate email notifs :wink:



You are welcome, Nemanja, and please let us know in case any further questions come up. :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias, Is this feature implemented?


Hi Hema,

The Property Distribution reports still support only one attribute to group by at this point. As mentioned in the other thread, it’s always possible to use the exports or API to generate your own custom reports outside of TestRail and this is used very frequently if the built-in reports do not cover a certain situation or question.