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TestRail - Report PDF in landscape

Hi All,

I have a ‘Comparison for cases’ report that I have created based on the data that i have.

I have 10 items running along the top of the page but I have to scroll to the right to see it all. Which is fine as its the data and layout I want.

However, when I email to myself or export in to a PDF, it cuts half of the report as it is set to portrait.

How do you set it to produce the PDF in landscape set.

I have tried to ‘print to PDF’ which does convert to PDF but the formating gets all removed.

I don’t have any technical knowledge on this, so cannot create my own custom reports.

Any help would be greatly appreciate, if you need more information then let me know.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the post! The PDF format is intended to be formatted in traditional legal page size, and the TestRail reporting system does not currently support creating PDF reports in landscape orientation.

For reports that use a lot of horizontal space like the comparison for cases, we would recommend using the HTML report option, then printing that to PDF in landscape orientation. Even then, if you’re report includes many test runs it may still cut off the horizontal space, which is a limitation of the PDF format that we don’t currently have a workaround for. If that is the case, you may need to use the HTML format for those types of reports.

For now, I’ve submitted an internal feature request to allow for creating PDF reports in landscape orientation. I can’t give any estimates on when or if that may be available, but we’ll be exploring adding it in a future update. This will help for some reports, but for more detailed reports that have lots of horizontal space you may still run into issues with it cutting off information, and using the HTML report would still be recommended.