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TestRail Report for Test Run


This is a three parter:-

1, When customising the report being produced by Test Rail, there is a option to select specific ‘Section’ on which to report. This is fine IF you want to report on ALL the Test Cases within the ‘Section’ however this doesn’t work IF you only want to report on a sub-set of Test Cases within the ‘Section’. It appears that the only way around this is to create a section for each ‘Test Case’.
Q, Is there any way to create a report based only on selected Test Cases?
If not
Q, Is there a plan to provide another selection ‘tab’ option the select specific ‘Test Cases’ in the same way as there is a tab option for selecting specific ‘Sections’.

2, Also, Test Rail Reporting only processes Test Cases within a selected ‘Section’ and ignore Test Cases within ‘Section(s)’ subordinate to the ‘Section’ Selected.
Q, Is there a plan to change the reporting function to include ALL Test Cases within a ‘Section’ including Test Cases within subordinate ‘Section(s)’?

3, It appear that the report process allow the selection of the types of items on which to base the report (References, ‘Sections’) AND the Results that are provided by a/the ‘Test Run’. The report produced can display Test Cases that have not been included in the ‘Test Run’ thereby presenting a ‘blank’ result!
Q, Is there a way to simply provide a Report based on a ‘Test Run’. If Not, is there a plan to provide the option to base the Results Report simply on a Test Run? i.e. select the Test Run and the Report function will use the Test Cases and Test Results as the basis of the report