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TestRail & Redmine & automation tool



started working in new company as test manager / tester. (just a few days now)

I should develop the testing process from a scratch as there was no any dedicated sw tester before me.

Test cases now are in Excel and company is using Redmine issue tacker.

  1. TestRail is the good chose for me?

  2. Testing includes testing for web portal’s and they are now done manually. I really need to pick up some automation tool to automate the “routine” work. As there are multiple option to choose from, can you please recommend some good tool? I have previously used Ranorex and have some level of coding skills with C#. Could I go with Selenium? Or should I choose some other option (TestStudio, TestComplete…). I thing I will also need image verification from the tool. Does Selenium support that?

  3. As I will most likely go choose TestRail, should I go cloud option / stand alone server? As I am only tester in company and there are about ~10 sw developers, cloud selection is enough? ANd it will also work with Redmine & automation tool?

  4. Excel test cases can be imported to TestRail? And it is easy to add new cases to TestRail and I do not need to use Excel anymore?

  5. There is some kind of test suites I can create?

Please excuse me my bad English and I would really appreciate if someone has some good ideas how to start this creating of whole testing project from starch. I have quite many years experience as a sw tester as a member of a testing team and never I have had to create a testing process from beginning :frowning:

Thank you in forehand for any suggestions!


You are not going to like most of the answers… For #1 and 2 - all depends on you and what you like/dislike or need. You need to play with Test Rail during the free trial that you can get. As for #2 - if you are familiar with Selenium then I wold gravitate toward it unless you really disliked it. It also depends on what you need to test - TestComplete (only one I know named that is from SmartBear) and it only really does the web front end testing. Any of these software packages will have free trials that you can set up.

For #3 - Since it is juts you it would probably be easier to do the hosted version and then you do not have to worry about db setup/backups or Test Rail updates.

#4 - I think it can be done but not sure if you would like how it imports and I am not sure of the difficulty of importing Excel not in any Test Rial format. You may find it better to copy/paste the steps into Test Rail.

#5 - You create a project and then you can create test suites within the project.

Do lots of reading, read the manuals, view videos of how things are/can done, and search forums like this for information before deciding anything. You need to come up with a plan for what you need to do vs what you want to do. Take things is small steps - this is not something you are going to set up in a day or 2.


Thank you for your answer and good feedback!

I have now tried to use Katalon Studio and it feels promising option.

I need to install TestRail trial and try to use it. There are not so many testcases in Excel so manual import is not a problem.

Just feel the “pressure” about making it all done (selecting the tools and creating a testing process) and there are so many options to choose. Just hope I will get enough time for this and do not have to make a quick hesitate selections.

Thank you!