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TestRail/Ranorex: Can they link steps results?

Hello there,

our company uses TestRail 5.5 and Ranorex 8 for automation. I already used the integration wizard and getting results from Ranorex to a dedicated test run in TestRail. So far so good.

I would like to know if there are ways to link steps from a TestRail test case to its counterpart in Ranorex.

For example:
I created a test case in TestRail with 5 steps,
imported the case to Ranorex and built the test case.

But in the end I can only send 1 result to Testrail:

  • Success. Everything went smoothly. Green result and some generic information about the test case
  • Failed: Details from Ranorex what module/ action failed, but not exactly what step failed

But I would like to have the following behavior for a failed test case:

  • Failed: Details from Ranorex about steps that worked and the step that caused the failure.

Is there a way to do this?
Thanks for your reply.

Hi @Langrisser,

Thanks for the post! Currently, Ranorex only supports the Test Case (Text) template with all steps in a single text field and does not support separated steps /results at this time. The Ranorex team is working on additional integration features and hopes to support separated steps in the near future.

For additional details or updates on this functionality, we would recommend reaching out to the Ranorex team directly, as they would be able to provide greater insight and feedback regarding this. The Ranorex help center is available here: