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Testrail project access from selenium



I have integrated Testrail with selenium.I am able access all project except 1 project.
For only one project, I am getting below error
Testrail API returned HTTP 500(No additional error message received.)

Could you please suggest why that particular project is not accessible?
Please update ASAP.

Many thanks


Hi Rohit,

Thank you for the post. In this case I would recommend checking the permissions that are set for that specific project and ensure that your API user has access to that project.


could you please tell me how to check the permission for the specific project??


Hi Rohit,

Sure. If you go to Administration > Projects > (click on the project you want to edit) > Access tab. Here you can set the default role for the project as well as set permissions for users and groups.


Actually. I can access same project from testrail with my credentials. But unable to access it from selenium with my credentials.
Please let me know if any thinks i m missing.


Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your reply! If you are able to access this from the UI with the same credentials, then you would also be able to access this via the API/external integration via the same credentials. It’s possible that you may have the incorrect project ID or syntax when attempting to access the project. I would recommend double checking this to be sure you have the correct syntax. If you have any details to provide regarding the full response and/or API request you are making to TestRail this could also help us to troubleshoot any issue. Hope this helps!