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Testrail production instant setup


we have testrail with trial license now I want to set up production server with existing database. so I set up replica of existing data base on different server and install testrail as well. Thing is I am getting an error while connecting to database.

error is:
A TestRail installation was already found in the specified database. In case you want to override the TestRail installation, please manually delete the database tables before you can proceed.

If you just want to update your TestRail installation to a new version instead, please see the update instructions for details.

In case you want to switch your trial installation to a full installation, please just navigate your browser to your trial installation and enter the license key under Administration > License.

All I want to use existing database (on new machine) with different front end testrail installation.

how would I solve this issue.


Hello Mohit,

Thank you for the post! Regarding the error message ‘A TestRail installation was already found in the specified database’, TestRail would automatically redirect to the installation wizard if you have not yet added the config.php configuration file to your TestRail directory. This file is generated on the 7th Step of the installation wizard. The error message you are receiving is indicating you have already installed TestRail. This is completed after clicking Install on Step 6 in the installation wizard.

You can resolve this issue by adding the config.php file that was in use on the previous server to the new production server. Please note you would need to confirm the config.php file has the proper database details and user/password.

I hope this helps!