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TestRail - OnTime Plugin Push feature


I have integrated the OnTime plugin successfully with my TestRail.
It pushes fine to open the window so you can input the defect data

When selecting project- you can see all the available projects however when selecting one it comes back with an error - non object

Also I can not select a workstep from the dropdown menu

I am using the Axosoft v14- is there any settings that are required for this to work properly?


Hello Rebecca,

Thanks for your posting. Do you use a TestRail installation on our servers ( or a local, self-hosted TestRail installation? I’m asking as we would need to take a look at a TestRail log to troubleshoot this and it would be great if you could send an email to our help desk with details about your TestRail installation:



Hi Tobias,

I am using TestRail on your servers. It is a trail that I am using, trying to evaluate if TestRail is right for our department.

I will send an email with details as well.


Thanks, Rebecca. We will make sure to review this and get back via email then.