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Testrail notification

As a manualtester I have couple queries:

1)If I update any testcase on testrail,I want to know how can it communicated to the automation team by way of an automated notification as currently the automation team picks the test cases for automation from the test cases written manually in testrail.

2)I have around 300 testcases written in excelsheet,when i upload them in csv format in testrail,testcase-ids are generated dynamically.How can I add my testcase-id which is hard coded in my excel sheet against each test case.Whats the best approach to handle the same

Hi @Ravikumar,
just some ideas from my side…

  1. There is currently no real support for this kind of workflow.
    We decided against an automated approach and use a status flag for it - means a manual workflow ist started when needed. Of course this would also include a leak, if the editor forgots to change the status. But, not every change needs to be reflected by a change within an automated test.
    We enriched it with a report checking for changes or new cases.
    We also thought about a check via the api, but didn’t invest right now.
    It might be possible to use ui-scripting to trigger an external functionality on saving, even with a check if it is really needed. But I haven’t checked this in detail.

  2. You can simpy create an external case id field for your test cases an import the id from excel into this field for future mapping needs.

There are already similar discussions on older posts in the forum, but I can’t remember THE ONE and ONLY solution…


I created excel sheet with additional Custom-id as extra field but cant see how I can import that custom ID being displayed at the top like the dynamically generated ID field.

Hi @Ravikumar,
you wrote in your first post, you already have a field testcase-id in your excel which you want to keep, so there is no need for an additional field in excel.

You need to create a custom field on case level in TestRail (probably you have to ask your admin).
During import, you map your original testcase id with this field, means your imported cases will get a generated id by TestRail, but in addition will have an id for the one in excel.

Probably you habe to work with a copy of the column in excel, because the column is already used to separate the cases, but I can#t check right now.