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Testrail no longer has the settings tab for Jira integration

As of yesterday, the settings tab where a user sets up the username and password (API key) for Jira is missing. We are running version 6.0.2. Does anyone else have this problem? everything was working fine until the tab disappeared. thanks

Hi @LMiller - did you check with your TestRail administrator whether the Jira integration had been changed?

If there is no integration, the Settings tab (for your Jira email address and API key) will not be displayed.


Hi Simon,
I don’t think anything changed with the integration. If I put my credentials into the integration settings, the connection to Jira works, although it now uses only my credentials since the settings tab is missing.


@LMiller hmmm… Would you mind sending us an email via with some more details about your environment and browser settings? Also which Jira version and Jira plugin versions you’re using, please.

Once we’ve got that information, we can look into the problem further for you.


yes, I just did, thanks