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TestRail - mobile app?


Is there a mobile app for TestRail?


Hello David,

Thanks for your email! TestRail is a standard web application so you would already be able to access it from mobile devices such as tablets. So there would be no need to have a separate ‘app’ for TestRail, as you can already access and use TestRail from a tablet etc. Also, TestRail doesn’t have any dependencies on technologies that wouldn’t work on a tablet. E.g. we don’t use Flash or similar obsolete technology and I know that many other tools would have such dependencies and thus would need an extra app. TestRail fortunately doesn’t.

I hope this helps!


Disappointed that the site isn’t rendered in a mobile device (iPhone 6) nicely. Is there a plan to do so? It’s time consuming to navigate on such a tiny rendering (constantly having to zoom in and out), and typically the only time when I am accessing my site via iPhone is in a meeting, when executive staff are present, waiting for me to pull up reports and test results.

Thanks, Jeff


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback! TestRail would already work on mobile devices, however this would generally work better with a tablet or larger screen sizes. We don’t have any current plans to add a UI that would work with smaller screens such as smartphones, however we’re happy to look into this for a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!



Have you thought about simple execution based app? That would be great



Would be great to have a simple next test view for executing tests


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback! There are not currently any plans to develop a TestRail mobile app, but we may consider this sometime in the future. For now, we are working on a lot of new features, updates, and popular requests that we are very excited to get into the hands of our users in 2019 and beyond.