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TestRail long running daily maintenance window



My company is using a TestRail installation and we’ve been recently noticing daily, long running maintenance windows (running for around 1.5 hrs at around 9-10.30PM Eastern time).

We noticed the time of the maintenance window also changed from around midnight Eastern time to the above mentioned time.

This is causing lots of issues and headaches for us (mainly the frequent daily maintenance rather than the time switch).

I’m wondering:

1- Why are daily long running maintenance windows necessary?
2- Is there a way to reduce the frequency and length of these maintenance runs?

I’d greatly appreciate your help.


Hello hoko,

That you for posting! We do have a daily maintenance window which shouldn’t last long. This maintenance period, which cannot be rescheduled, is very important and we use this window to take our daily backups of your account data as well as to perform upgrades, etc. Backups can be restored in case a user deletes a lot of data by mistake.

It wouldn’t currently be possible to change this on a per-instance basis, and this is needed to ensure that your backups are taken at a regular interval, among other general maintenance tasks as well. This hasn’t changed recently and is usually a few minutes, depending on the size of your team’s database. Your team shouldn’t usually notice this for very long. We’re also happy to review adding the option for you to choose from various maintenance windows in the future.

If you are still observing this maintenance window lasting much longer than usual, please reach out to the support team at with your TestRail instance name and we are happy to help.

I hope this helps!



What is the window, and how long does it normally last?


@j.callahan I’ve confirmed our maintenance window lasts around 1.5 hours every night. ~8.30PM to 10.20PM eastern time. I’ll reach out to the email address with our instance name.