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TestRail->Jira using Add does not populate it in test case



If I use the Push link it pops up a window and off you go filling it out and submitting it. The Bug # shows up in Defects box. When you click on Add Test Results the link is also put into the test case.

If I use the Add link it opens another tab and takes me to the type of issue and project to select. Once that’s done i get the full tab/window of the Jira ticket to fill out in all its glory. However after submitting it in Jira the defect # is not in the Test Results Defects section. If I click and save the test results it only puts a link to edit the test results (there I can enter the defect # but that’s defeating the purpose of it, no?).

So the question is why isn’t add getting the defect # into the Test Results dialog box where I clicked Add to add a bug? Push works fine, just less details to fill out. I was expecting Add to work the same way just with more information to be entered. Did I miss something or are we required to manually put the defect # into the Defect dialog box when using Add vs Push?




Hello Mike,

Thanks for your posting. Add is just a basic link to JIRA and wouldn’t add the new issue to the Defects field (this is only supported with Push). You can fully customize the Push dialog to add additional fields (custom fields, etc.) and you can find the documentation on this on the following website:



Hi Tobias,

That was sort of what I was thinking was the case. I’ll check the link out to see about tweaking it some more.




Thanks for the update, Mike, sounds good!