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TestRail + Jira Integration


Dear Gurock Team!

We’ve just been updated our TestRail to the last edition and just finished it’s integration with JIRA.
The HTTPS for both, of course.

We’ve met an issue:

When we are pushing the bug to the JIRA via TestRail, we need to add some fields:

  • Planned Start Date
  • Planned End Date

We’ve checked their ids in JIRA, but cannot add them to the customized fields in TestRail - it says that these fields are enabled but the configuration is missing.

Can you help us with this issue? We need to add this info to the bug reports.

Best wishes


Hi Denys!

Thanks for your posting. In addition to enabling the custom field (customfield_###=on), you also need to add a small section that describes the custom field (label, type, etc.). This looks as follows:

(please see the [push.field.customfield_11002])

For example:



I hope this helps!