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TestRail Jira integration within project - how to get that without entering cleartext password?

We have following versions of TestRail and Jira.

JIRA v7.2.2

Want to have integration working without entering password within project level in TestRail. But I can’t get this working, resulting 403 error. Both these tool uses Organization’s LDAP authentication.

At the sametime global integration with Jira working, that uses jira_user and jira_password which it’s password stored in encrypted format.

I also tried creating a pair of different variables such as project_jira_user and project_jira_password in global integration page. But I can get them created these variables, but then disappear these variable when reload or refresh that page. How can i get this working without entering plain text password?

Our Jira don’t support API auth key like Cloud Jira, so I can’t use that as well. I can connect to Cloud my Cloud Jira from testRail using Auth Key.


Hi Rijesh,

While your users can log into JIRA and other Atlassian products with LDAP, they would not be able to use them for JIRA’s REST API, which is necessary for the integration. Instead, they would need to setup an API token. Each user can set up an API token for use in place of a password to authenticate through the integration. You can find instruction on how to set that up here:

In order to use the integration, your Jira admin must enable the API tokens (which was on by default).

Thanks, I will have to check this with our Jira Admin.

Hi Vu Tran,
I am back on the same topic in this conversation after a long time (excuse me). I can’t find API token supported in On-Prem Jira(JIRA v7.2.2). Our Jira Administrator says its not possible. That something I am really looking for to get this created. Even I can’t find it straight from Adminitraor guide at Do you know this clearly? Can you please share any link?