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TestRail JIRA integration in "new JIRA"

It seems that in the new JIRA display scheme, we are not able to view the defects when an Bug issue is linked to a test result.
In the old view, in the left side of the view there was a section called: “TestRail: Results” that listed all the test results that mentioned the Bug in the Defects.
But in the new Jira Scheme, we only see a section called: “TestRail: Cases” that list all the test cases that have mention of the issue in the “References” field.

Previously what we had:

Is there a way to get back this nice TestRail integration with the new Jira scheme.

Hi Marc-Andre,

Thanks for the post! When viewing items in the new Jira layout, you should be able to enable the add-on to display test results by clicking on the ‘…’ in the menu bar below the title, then clicking on ‘TestRail: Results’, as shown here:

This should restore the add-on’s display inside the Jira item. You can also hide the add-on from entities by clicking on the ‘…’ near the add-on then ‘Hide TestRail: Results’.

I hope this information helps!

Thanks, it is working