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TestRail jama software Integration


Does testrail provide integration with jama software


Hey Vivek,

Thank you for the post. We don’t currently have a defect plugin for Jama Software, but you can generally use TestRail’s generic URL-based integration:

That said, we are definitely looking into adding more defect plugins for additional tools like Jama Software in future releases of TestRail. I cannot promise that we will be working on a defect plugin for Jama Software soon, but I’ve added it to our list of tools to look into. It’s generally also possible to write a simple custom defect plugin yourself if you are interested in this (and you can just use one of our existing ones as a starting point and adjust it to your tool’s API) in the meantime if you are using TestRail Server. We also have documentation about this available on our website here:

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime.


We are looking for integration of requirements management and Test management process and I hoped that Jama (is not defect tracking, but requirements management tool.


The format of Jama’s URLs don’t work with the %id% appendage i.e. the ID for a Jama requirement and the end of the Jama requirement URL are different. Is there another way to hyperlink the Jama ID using the Reference View URL field?