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TestRail - Is there any tag concept for testcases in testRail?

We have test suits imported in testRail grouped as different components such as


And then imported corresponding test cases within those components.

We also to track test cases related to pen test. Can we have a mechanism in testRail to pull all such test cases applicable to be considered for pen test in some means such as tags?


Hi Rijesh,

TestRail doesn’t support tagging, exactly. But you can simulate the behavior by using most of the custom field types.

Using a custom field and designating specific variables, it is possible to create test runs using the “Select specific test cases” option. Based on your example categories I would recommend the dropdown field type. This would then you to set a filter and automatically select all test cases that relate to said filter.

I hope that makes sense and let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi Vu Tran, I see custom fields and using it, but didn’t understand where exactly “Select specific test cases”. May I know where is that option?


Hi Rijesh,

The option is listed at the bottom when on the add test run page. Here’s what it looks like.


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Yes, I got it and tested. It gives the expected result. Thank you.