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TestRail is getting slow


Hi ,

We have been using TestRail for more than a year now. And our instance of TestRail is becoming slow with every day. We have a lot of automated tests that are running and reporting results to TestRail. There are approximately a million test results reported every week. For example, just trying to open our TestRail instance ( takes a min of 40 seconds to open up the home page. This is really unusual and is becoming worse day by day.

VM Config: centos6 with 6 GB RAM and 8 CPUs

Please let me know if you could point me towards any optimisation.

Thank you.



Hi Sanat,

Thanks for your posting. If you add millions of results per week, we recommend purging old test runs to keep the database at a manageable size. You can also implement this as part of your automated runs and you can look into purging test runs that are older than a certain threshold (e.g. 2-4 weeks) and closed, for example. The idea for this is to use the get_runs API method with a created_before filter and then delete old runs with delete_run. If you use plans instead, the equivalent would be get_plans and delete_plan.

I can also recommend reviewing your I/O and database configuration as 40 seconds is really unusual even for very large installations and database. We have a general performance optimization guide on our website here:

Please let me know in case you have any further questions, happy to help.



Hi @tgurock,

We do not want to get rid of old test runs. We would however do some clean up as you mentioned before. But before doing that, we would want to back up everything.
What would be the best possible way?

PS: We are still facing this problem and TestRail is getting slower day by day.



Hello Sanat,

Thanks for the feedback! We have many large teams using TestRail with massive TestRail instances and we specifically designed TestRail to scale well. But TestRail mainly depends on the performance of the database you use. And with databases, the IO/disk performance is the most critical aspect. Especially if you are using a virtual machine, disk performance is even more critical and a fast IO sub system on the host is important for a modern database-backed application (e.g. SSH based disks). I would recommend reviewing the database/disk performance, as TestRail depends on this.

Yes, you can also learn more about taking a backup of TestRail here:

I hope this helps!