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TestRail integration with other test automation tools

Do you provide integration with test automation tools like TestComplete, Test Project, QMetry, Katalon Studio?


Hey Sandhya,

You can integrate TestRail with basically any test automation tool by using TestRail’s API. You can learn more about the API, and find basic bindings for various programming languages such as Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP and more on our website here:

While we don’t currently have ready-to-use scripts for specific test automation tools, many of our customers use TestRail together with various test automation tools and frameworks such as Selenium, JUnit, Cucumber, Ranorex, CI tools like Jenkins, and many more.

You might also find this article interesting with details of how other companies like the BBC integrate their automated tests with TestRail:

I hope that clarifies things!
Please check out the resources above, and don’t hesitate to reach back out if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to assist further.