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Testrail integration with multiple JIRA servers


Hello Team,

Currently we are using testrail which is integrated with JIRA, now we are starting a new project and for some audit requirement we are required to maintain a different JIRA server for our new Projects, we wish to use the existing testrail server for the same.

Is it possible to integrate 2 diff testrail project with 2 diff JIRA server.

For ex
Project A integrated with JIRA server A
Project B integrated with JIRA server B



Yes, defect (and reference) integration can be defined globally in Administration -> Integration -> Defects tab (or References tab). The global settings can be overridden per project in Administration -> Projects -> Project -> Defects tab (or References tab).


Thanks for your response, I will try this out and will reach out in case of further questions.

Thanks again for your help.




Did this work for you… viewing different Jira instances from the same test case ?

My company have just been taken over and now we have 2 jira instances and 2 TestRail systems