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TestRail integration with Jira



I have successfully managed to integrate TestRail and Jira. As a result, I am able to link Test cases with Jira defects ids in both the tools. However, when I try to export my defect list from Jira, it does not show me TestRail: Results section.

Any suggestions in this regard!!




Hello Mihir,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that! Regarding the exports: the TestRail sections are currently not included as part of JIRA exports and only shown on the actual JIRA issue pages. We are happy to look into this for a future version of the add-on and thanks again for your feedback!



Just an idea, for the time being, could you not use the TestRail reporting on defects summary for references and use that as an addition to your exported JIRA list?

Or would that not be a suitable ‘stop gap’ solution?



Thanks, Max, good idea! There’s also the Coverage for References report which shows the case and reference/requirement coverage.