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TestRail integration with automation



It would be great if you have any code example (end to end ) on how to integrate testrail with selenium. So that i can get to know more easier.


Hello Praveen,

Thanks for your post! We don’t have any examples/scripts to provide for specific tools at the moment, however many of our customers use TestRail together with Selenium and other automation tools as well. In general, you would build/create your automation scripts within your automation framework to manage your automated tests, and configure your scripts to add results for these tests into TestRail via the TestRail API:

We also have plans to add more example scripts for specific tools in the future as well. Hope this helps!



HI Marco,

I have another question as well. Say, for example, I have integrated my automation test cases with testrail. We are using cucumber framework and if I change a test case in my code will it be automatically updated in my testrail test case?


Praveen Kumar Dayalan


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