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TestRail in German

Hello Community members,
I guess my question is clear from the heading :slight_smile:
Can TestRail UI be used in German language?

I found a 2 year old related post asking the same question about French. At that time no language other than English was supported. Is is still the case today? If yes, are there any plans to rollout German (or other) languages in the future roadmap.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ank,

TestRail is prepared to handle multiple languages but currently ships only with English language files. With TestRail Cloud, it’s currently not possible to switch the user interface to German or another language.

With TestRail Server, it would be possible to provide your own translation, as outlined in our documentation here:

While we are considering making more languages available by default, I do not have a timeframe or ETA for when this would be implemented.