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Testrail + Github - Receiving 404 error message when trying to view github issue when hovering over issue ID

Hi, I am trying to integrate testrail with github. I want to view the summary of a defect that I have added to my test case

  • I’ve created a token using a personal uname and pwd on github
    • I’ve added the credentials to the specific project’s defect integration

I am able to click the defect number I have put in for it to take take me to the github page with the selected issue.

However, hovering over the issue ID does not display the popup summary correctly. I Just see a message with a 404 error “Could not find repository”.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I had a similar problem with a Jira integration. The problem was that the TestRail user I created in Jira did not have access to view issues in a certain project.

My guess is the user that TestRail is attempting to use to view the github page doesn’t have the correct permissions. I would verify the user and password on the Integration page for the plugin and possibly the Projects Defects page is filled out as you would expect.

Hmmm, so the user access details are my own and I am using a SSO token, to bypass the 2 factor authentication… I’m trying to understand is the issue because its not a public repository?