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TestRail freezes every time when try open History or Defects tab after changing test case result in test suit

After update to v6.0.0.4140 TestRail freezes every time after the next steps:
Open test suite -> Change test case status (e.g Passed, Fail) -> Open History or Defects tab
It’s impossible to work normally. I need to refresh the page every time after changing a test case result.

I have duplicated but I do want to make a clarification… The test case is in a Test Run and not in the test Suite. You can’t set a test result from the Test Cases/Suite tab - the test case has to be added to a Test Run/Plan before any Result can be set.

So this work flow:
Open test suite -> Change test case status (e.g Passed, Fail)

would actually be:
Open test Run -> Change test case status (e.g Passed, Fail) etc…

I have made a link to this thread in the News thread about this version. I think they have a bug release planned so hopefully it can get placed in.

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the community and thank you for the bug report. Also a thanks to BGanger for replicating. We’ve confirmed this on our end and actively investigating, a fix for this will be released in the form of a patch. For Cloud clients this is automatic for Server client, you can check for updated version under the Administration page or from our release page here.:

Hi @Peter.S, @BGanger,

This issue should now be resolved with the release of TestRail 6.0.1. Please let us know if you experience any further issues with TestRail after the update.


A quick sanity check for the specific issue is good - it works as expected. :slight_smile: