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TestRail Field Lengths and Limits?



We ran into the “observation” that the References String field is limited to 250 characters. What might be limits to the other TestRail field types, aside from String?

From a quick looks at the User Guide, here are the various field types that I can gather:

  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Integer
  • Milestone
  • Multi-select
  • Steps
  • Step Results
  • String
  • Text
  • URL (Link)
  • User

We are hoping to make TestRail available to various testers supporting a breadth of domains, and we’d like to let them know of certain limits their projects can explore.

Thanks for the time!


Most of these will have imposed limits that the users can’t change or do anything with (dates are assigned in the app) and the lengths of the text fields will depend on the field itself.

Most Names of things (Milestone, User, Titles etc… are limited to 250 characters) while things like Case Steps are pretty much unlimited (defined nvarchar(max) ). Drop down/multi-select/checkboxes would only be set up by an Administrator. With drop down and multi-select you do not want to be verbose is you happen to need to set them up. Just about anyone can do without creating new ones.

We use the Reference field to reference the number ID to a bug in TFS - others link it to a story/item in Jira or some other integrated work depository. A lot of IDs can fit into 250 characters.

In the 2+ years we have used TR - we have not hit character limits - ever.


Thanks for the very prompt reply, BG!

Regarding our hitting Reference field limit, we have created several realistic sample Test Cases where a single case can Refer to multiple JIRA issues/requirements. Our JIRA project naming is such that we can distinguish issues amongst many non-related efforts (e.g. PROGXSCHED-xxxx, PROGYUTIL-yyyy).

With that, the current Reference String field length of 250 characters was reached and exceeded.