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TestRail docker timezone problem


I use docker TestRail version Having problems with timestamps of Created/Updated test cases in web interface. Timestamp is 1 hour ahead.

Site timezone (Administration -> Site settings -> Application -> Default Time Zone) is correct (UTC+03:00).

User timezone (User -> My settings -> User -> Time Zone) is set to “use application default”.
Time inside the docker container show correct UTC time.

No any custom timezone override is used.

If I change user timezone from “application default” to exactly “UTC+03:00” - testcase timestamps are still 1 hour ahead.

If I set user timezone 1 hour back to UTC+02:00 (really it is not my local timezone) - testcase timestamps become correct (equal to my local time).

Have you any ideas how to fix it?

I also tried to set docker environment variable TZ=“Europe/Moscow” - no changes with test case timestamp.


Hey Anatoly,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your post !

Could you please send an email to so that our Support Team can assist you in this as soon as possible.


Hello, Shanu.

I have already wrote to twice (31.08.2020 and 03.09.2020), but still have no answer neither here nor there.