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TestRail data issue


Hi Team,
I request your kind help in the below issue.

When I try to retrieve the details of a single test run say, id 518, I got the below details
Output fragment:

"project_id" : 1,
** “id” : 518,**
** “suite_id” : 43,**

However when I try to retrieve the complete test runs under “project_id” : 1 the above test run is not listed. No test runs of under suite id 43 is listed.

The URL to retrieve all runs is

Please let me know if this is a bug in the tet rail. Else please let me know if the apis I used are not intended to retrieve all test runs under a project.

I even tried to append the suite id 43 in the request parameter like
&suite_id=43 appended in the above URL.
and I got empty array as result.

Kindly help.

Thanks and regards,