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Testrail Dashboard will not load


Since the weekend Testrail will not start. It passes the login stage but will not load the Dashboard.
Has anyone had a similar experience and how did you solve it?


Thanks to Gurock support for prompt response to my problem.
There was a bug in version 2.3.x relating to daylight saving time (changed this weekend) for which they supplied a hotfix.


Hello Pete,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that we could help. As a reference, the hot-fix is available here as download:

(just extract this ZIP into your TestRail installation directory; a web server restart may be required)

No database changes are needed. The fix can only be applied to TestRail 2.3.x. Another option would be to upgrade to TestRail 2.4 first (this bug doesn’t exist in the latest versions) and then upgrading to e.g. TestRail 2.6 or later.