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TestRail Custom Script Repository Now Available

We are happy to announce the availability of a public GitHub repository for TestRail customizations.

Over the years, many users have posted very helpful scripts in our forum for both the TestRail API and UI. In an effort to help users more easily browse and locate scripts they would find useful, we’ve decided to create an area inside our GitHub repository where users can contribute their scripts, peer review code, and make the most of TestRail’s features. We’ve also placed a few sample UI and API scripts in this repository which can be used or modified to suit your needs.

Any user can now submit a pull request to our GitHub repository for a UI Script, API Script, Defect Plugin, or Language translation. If you would like to submit a script which does not fall into one of these categories, please contact us.

General Guidelines:

  • Script names should identify the script’s purpose.
  • Comments and descriptions inside any script should identify the script’s functionality.
  • If there are any variables or values which should be updated prior to use, please clearly identify these within the script.
  • Please do not publish any potentially sensitive information (API Tokens, User information, proprietary information, etc.).
  • Please notify us if you identify any potentially malicious code anywhere in the repository.
  • Any scripts provided shall not violate TestRail Terms and Conditions.
  • When submitting a pull request to modify a script you did not write, please include a detailed comment and link(s) to any supporting documentation if necessary.

You can find this new public GitHub repository here:


  • Scripts provided may contain bugs, so are used at your own risk.
  • The TestRail support team may not be able to troubleshoot or help customize these.
  • Custom Reports, Translations, and Custom Defect Plugins can only be implemented if your team uses TestRail Server and are not available for TestRail Cloud customers.